Water Rally In Sacramento

Had Big Voices of Reason
Nearly 2,000 farmers, farm workers, ag leaders and others with an interest in agriculture gathered TODAY on the west steps of the California Capitol Building in Sacramento to talk about the critical need of water.

Manuel Cunha Jr.
Manuel Cunha, Jr., President of the Nisei Farmers League, noted that Governor Brown must call a Drought Emergency. Other speakers from the California Senate and Assembly voiced the need that we present the Water Bond to be on the November Ballot -- with water storage intact.

Mario Santoyo
Mario Santoyo, Executive Director of the California Latino Water Coalition, stated there is no water in the reservoirs and essentially no rainfall or snow in the state. “This means that a big part of the West Side will get a zero water allocation. And the East Side is going to get hurt too,” he said.

The big crowd chanted “We Need Water” and “No Water, No Food” and “No Water, No Jobs”. 

If Gov. Brown called a Drought Emergency, it would trigger Federal help and possibly reduced regulatory restrictions.

The Nisei Farmers League and the California Latino Water Coalition spearheaded the rally. 

Thousands of dollars came from the industry to pay for buses and lunch for all attendees.

Joe Del Bosque

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