17 Drought Tips from Univ. California and Government Agencies

California’s last multi-year statewide drought was from 1987 to 1992, according to the California State Department of Water Resources. In 1991, the driest single year of the drought, 23 of California’s 58 counties declared county-wide local states of emergency.

At the time, federal and state agencies collaborated with the University of California to create 17 "Drought Tips." Below are links to those tips in pdf format, plus two recent updates. Please click on the links and wait a few moments for the documents to open.

The agencies that collaborated on the Drought Tips were:

California Department of Water Resources - Water Conservation Office

University of California
, UC Davis Department of Land, Air and Water Resources

USDA Drought Response Office

USDA Soil Conservation Service

The Drought Tips were edited by Anne Jackson of the UC Davis Department of Land, Air and Water Resources.

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