Citrus Freeze Damage High

Citrus Freeze Damage Could be
30 Percent-Plus!

Tom Wollenman, Vice President of LoBue Brothers Citrus in Lindsay, told California Ag Today that it was a very hard freeze for a substantial amount of time, and it appears that we will definitely have 30 percent damage or more on 80 percent of the fruit that is hanging.

“In early December, we had four or five cold nights across a large area of the industry with 27 degrees or below from midnight to about 6 am,” Wollenman said.

“Everyday, we are getting closer to a more accurate assessment of the damage,” he noted

Wollenman said that there has been conjecture that the cold weather may have killed Asian Citrus Psyllid populations in the Central Valley. “We do not know for sure, but   hopefully it will put a dent on any resident populations,” he said.

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