Farm-To-Fork Web Site Connects Consumers To California Agriculture

CDFA is pleased to announce TODAY the California Farm to Fork web site, a place to highlight programs and projects that focus on sourcing, marketing and increasing the use of California crops.

The web site features links to a page that shows what crops grow in certain regions at specific times of the year, and also profiles local efforts to increase access to healthy foods at various locations throughout the state. As the site evolves, it will include additional information and resources about California crops as well as other agricultural products, like grains, meats and dairy.

CDFA’s Farm-to-Fork Office, an interagency initiative with the California Department of Public Health and California Department of Education introduced the web site. The agencies are working together to help all Californians eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

To increase access to healthy, nutritious food for everyone in the state, this site will connect consumers, school districts, and other groups directly with California’s farmers and ranchers, and also provide additional information about our state’s magnificent bounty.

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