Two Santa Barbara County Nursery Thefts

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office announced TODAY two nursery thefts.
Pittosorum Silver Leaf Plant as is

On 11-01-13, Norman’s Nursery in Carpinteria, CA reported a burglary
of over $18,000.00 in fertilizers, pesticides, etc., along with 1200 
by 15-gallon black plastic nursery
 ots. (Case number 13-15226)

On the very next day, a grand theft report was taken from the same location, where 1200 Pittosorum Silver Leaf plants in 2” transplant containers were stolen. (Case number 13-15276)

Images of the plants are (1) as is, (2) adult plants that show the silver coloring better, and (3) photo of similar 15-gallon pots.

Adult Pittosorum Silver Leaf Plants
The agricultural chemicals taken are:

1 case Reward herbicide
1 case Safari insecticide
1 case Upstar insecticide
1 case Marathon II insecticide
1 case Conserve SC insecticide
1 case Hexygon miticide

Similar 15-gallon pots

Materials stolen are:

1 case of 1” green landscaping tape
1 case of 2” green landscaping tape
3 Corona TP 6850 pole pruners

If you have any information, please contact John McCarthy at the contact information below.

John McCarthy
Rural Crimes \ Santa Barbara Co. Sheriff
(805) 934-6512 (Office)
(805) 896-6586 (Cell)

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