Pear Meeting is in Hopland, Calif.

An upcoming Meeting for the California Pear Industry is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22, 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the  Shadowbrook Farms, 13850 Old River Road, Hopland
Meeting speakers include: Rachel Elkins, Pomology Farm Advisor, U.C. Cooperative Extension Kurt Ashurst, host grower; Bruce Lampinen, Extension Orchard Management Specialist and Ted DeJong, Professor/ CE Pomologist, UC Davis; Todd Einhorn, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center (MCAREC), Hood River; Stefano Musacchi, Associate Professor, Washington State University - Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center (TFREC), Wenatchee
   Welcome and overview of California collaborative pear systems trials
   2013 NC-140 ‘Bartlett’ Pear Systems Trial
 Planted May 1-2, 2013; trees from Willow Drive Nursery, Ephrata, WA
Training systems: “V”, tall spindle, bi-axis, 2-leader, completely unpruned (unreplicated) In-row spacing: 3’, 4.5’, 6’. Between row spacing: 12’
Rootstocks: OHxF 69, OHxF 87, Pyro 2-33
   Fire blight Resistant Pear Selections
 2013 selections from Dr. Richard Bell, USDA-ARS, Kearneysville, WVA Planted May 16, 2013 and headed to 30”; all on OHxF 87.Other locations: Sacramento Delta (Chuck Ingels), Hood River (Todd Einhorn); Wenatchee (Kate Evans); Michigan (2 sites) (Bill Shane); West Virginia (R. Bell)
  The Organizers wish to thank the following for helping with this meeting.
 Kurt Ashurst and crew, Shadowbrook Farms, A&P Ag Structures, Visalia, Willow Drive Nursery, Ephrata, WA, Adams County Nursery
 California Pear Advisory Board for partial funding. 

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