New Added Value Use of Smaller Avocados

Gator Eggs Discovered At Fresh Summit
Avocados packed in what looks like an egg carton are now being marketed as "Gator Eggs" by Shanley Farms in Morro Bay. We found them at the recent Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in New Orleans.

Megan Shanley is director of marketing and sales for Shanley Farms. “We are marketing the gator eggs to shoppers with an option that they rarely see. It is a 6 pack of size 84 avocados packed in a carton similar to a half dozen of eggs,” she said.  “This is about 1/3 cup size that people can eat as a serving for one sandwich or one salad.  There is no waste or the need to put the other half in the refrigerator where it often turns brown.” 

The nationwide launch will be in December.
For an avocado farmer, the smaller size would fetch a lower price, but when packaged as a Gator Egg, there is added value that provides more profit for the retailer and the farmer. 

The product is marketed and shipped by Shanley Farms from their 8,000 tree ranch, from August through October. “We will source out avocadoes from other producers to enable year-round availability,” said Shanley.

The family operation will also be shipping their Sierra Sweet Kiwi, which are grown in Tulare County and are left on the vine longer for more sweetness. That product will be shipped starting in January.

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