Avocados-Love One TodayTM

Love One TodayTM is a science-based food and wellness education program that encourages Americans to include fresh Hass avocados in everyday healthy eating plans to help increase fruit and vegetable intake and as a delicious, cholesterol-free, whole food source of naturally good fats.

The Hass Avocado Board developed a distinctive mark to support the Love One Today program with the words “fresh avocados” and nutrition benefit messages “naturally good fats + cholesterol free” which provides a clear and simple unifying nutrition message to encourage consumers to enjoy fresh avocados every day. The new mark is available at no cost for the industry for use in marketing communications to promote fresh Hass avocados.

Recent published research reveals that avocado consumption is associated with improved overall diet quality and nutrient intake, and reduced risk of metabolic syndrome (a combination of medical disorders that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes).

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