Inspectors Do Not Find More Psyllids in Wasco

Wasco Area is now Restricted Due to ACP Find
 By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

According to Glenn Frankhauser, Assistant Ag Commissioner with the Kern County Ag Commissioners office in Bakersfield, the neighborhood where the latest male Asian Citrus Psyllid was trapped was surveyed over the weekend, and no additional Psyllids have been found.

“We have finished deploying another 150 delimitation traps around the initial find in a front yard citrus tree near Wasco,” said Frankhouser. “The first mile and half out from the initial find,  all traps will be checked every day for the first week. And for the first month after that all the traps will be checked once a week, and then after that, inspections will go to normal servicing at once a month.”

Spraying has not commenced yet in the area. “Once spraying does start, it will be of every citrus plant 800 meters around the initial find,” said Frankhouser.

One and a half miles around the initial find is now a restricted area for the next two years, if no other Psyllids are found. The restriction means no one is allowed to move any citrus trees or citrus fruit from that area.

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