“Water 360” to Strengthen Integrated Water Management 

TODAY, DWR issued “A Commitment to Action,” proceedings from California’s first integrated water management (IWM) summit held recently. “Water 360,” a campaign designed to use IWM to strengthen the efforts of California’s water management community, was launched at the summit

“Water 360” will help refocus and strengthen the water management community by advancing integrated water management, a framework for planning and implementation that melds the objectives of improving public safety, fostering environmental stewardship and supporting economic stability to lead to sustainable water resource management.

Integrated water management is not a new concept in California, and great strides have been made in the last decade to utilize the approach, particularly at the regional level. The Water 360 Campaign builds on these early successes and calls for broader application across the entire state.

DWR is prepared and committed to lead this effort in close partnership with other water leaders, particularly State, federal, and local agencies; and in collaboration with all stakeholders.

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