Big Increases for Yolo County Ag

Yolo County Agricultural Commissioner John Young has issued the 2012 County Crop Report that boasts an all-time high gross agricultural production value of $645,766,504, a 17.5% increase over 2011, due to higher commodity prices per unit and increased acreage.

Nut crops, particularly walnuts and almonds, exhibited a striking per unit price increase versus 2011, with farm gate values approximately 50% higher in 2012.
Yolo County’s leading commodity remains processing tomatoes up nearly $500,000 from 2011 attributed to increased commodity value and, to a lesser degree, additional harvested acres.

Wine grapes, rice, alfalfa hay and walnuts remain in the top five commodities in gross value, with almonds number six. Incidentally, organic production grew nearly 33% in gross value in 2012.

To complete the top ten commodities are field corn, sunflower seed and wheat.

Yolo County exported to nearly 100 partners.

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