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July 17, 2013

United Fresh Recall-Ready Workshop
Sept. 18-19 in Seaside, Calif.

United Fresh is offering its hands-on educational course, "Recall Ready Training Workshop" at Embassy Suites in Seaside, CA. This two-day, hands-on training program, September 18-19, will help you understand the fundamentals of a product recall, including your rights and responsibilities, the role of the FDA, liability limitation and customer expectations management. In addition, United Fresh will focus on how to build an in-depth customized communication plan in the event of a recall, and how to effectively communicate with the industry, customers, consumers and the media.

This course is designed for produce recall teams for companies throughout the produce supply chain including Growers/Shippers/Packers, Processors, Wholesalers & Distributors, Retailers, Restaurant Operators and Industry Organizations (including commodity boards and associations).

At the very least, your recall team should include management, technical staff and marketing/communications staff. In addition, United Fresh recommends attendance by Operations Staff, Food Safety Staff, Q&A Staff, Customer/Member Services Representatives, and your company Crisis Management Team.

Remember, a poorly managed product recall can quickly turn into a crisis situation. This course will combine recall protocols and communication management principles to ensure that all staff work together effectively and efficiently during product recall.
For more information please contact: Erin Grether, Government Relations Coordinator, United Fresh Produce Association, at (202) 303-3400 or,

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